We offer complementary therapies, counselling/psychotherapy and meditation. Angelite Therapy is based in Lionthorn in Falkirk, though we also offer mobile treatments in the local area for certain therapies (seated Massage, Reflexology, seated Reiki, Thai Foot massage, Indian Head Massage, seated Pregnancy Massage).

We offer corporate massage and also pamper parties, offering a range of treatments (please contact for details). Our therapist has deaf awareness training and can use BSL if needed.


£30 - Indian Head
£30 - Thai Foot
£35 - Holistic | Swedish
£35 - Deep Tissue
£35 - Aromatherapy
£35 - Pregnancy
£40 - Hot Stone

Also available

£20 - Half hour - Back Neck & Shoulder Massage
£15 pp - Pamper Parties
£15 pp - Business | Corporate Massage

Other Therapies

£30 - Reflexology
£30 - Reiki
£30 - Crystal Therapy
£40 - Counselling / Psychotherapy

£30 - One to One Personal Guided Meditation / chakra work / personal development

Group Meditation

Concessions available Contact us for more information

SWEDISH MASSAGE This massage is the traditional massage that uses a variety of strokes and techniques to help with relaxation and muscle tension.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Aromatherapy massage is a relaxing massage with specific high-quality aromatherapy oils to suit your individual needs. A blend of oils will be chosen once the consultation has been completed.

HOT STONE MASSAGE Hot stone massage is a very relaxing experience. The heat from the stones allows for deeper relaxation and treatment of muscle aches and pains.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE Pregnancy massage can be offered after the first trimester. It helps with relaxation and general health. The massage can be on the massage table or seated.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Deep tissue uses deeper techniques to help with muscle injury and pain. The therapist can help ease pain with stripping the tissue, using myofascial release, trigger point work and hands-free technique to aid in relaxation and pain relief.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE Indian head massage is a seated treatment. The head, neck, shoulders and upper back are treated. This is great for headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and stress.

THAI FOOT MASSAGE This is a wonderful treatment if a person loves their feet being treated. The therapist uses massage techniques, thai foot techniques, reflexology points and a traditional thai foot stick to help the person relax while helping unblock any areas of tension and imbalance.

CRYSTAL THERAPY Crystal therapy helps to balance the chakras, and general health and well being. A body scan will initially pick up areas needing attention. Then a full chakra crystal healing will be offered followed by reflection, aftercare advice and further home crystal work.

REFLEXOLOGY Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment involving the specific application of pressure to the feet. The treatment starts and ends with foot massage.

REIKI Reiki is an ancient Japanese hand on healing system meaning “universal life energy”. It promotes natural healing and is very gentle and relaxing.

“As the body unwinds and relaxes, it gently whispers the answers”

- Matkowski

All treatments generally last for one hour, however this can be tailored to suit your needs.

As with all therapies, aftercare advice will be offered in order to enhance and prolong the treatment benefits.

Ethos at Angelite Therapy

The Angelite crystal supports you in finding serenity, inner peace and a sense of calm.

When you feel stressed or overwhelmed in life, it helps with the dispelling of fear or anger, and encourages forgiveness.

Angelite Therapy work with the Angelite crystal ethos, specialising in all round holistic therapy, counselling and meditation to help you find serenity, inner peace and sense of calm within.

Eilidh McKenzie

Eilidh is a fully qualified experienced and insured complementary therapist and counsellor, with significant and specialist experience working with grief and loss, addiction, trauma, anxiety and depression.

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